Welcome to the Homepage of Klaus Volkamer!

Research in the field of Subtle Matter is going to expand man’s view of the world and is continuously raising the level of its practical use. As described in my books, a higher level of practical applications is reached by Subtle Thermodynamics, discovered and quantified for the first time. They represent the foundation of multiple uses of Subtle Field Energies, e.g. in harvesting Free Energy.

Unlimited quantities of Subtle Energy can, thus, satisfy our energy requirements and replace globally limited material base energies. Subtle causal explanation of “Energy Medicine” or “Complementary Medicine” is another example. “Macroscopic Quanta Medicine” will eventually equal the importance of today’s Classical School Medicine. Subtle Fields have been demonstrated to pervade Water, Minerals, Metals, Celestial Bodies as well as all Living Beings. Research into their properties and phenomena is laying the grounds of hitherto unknown purely physical “Macroscopic Quantum Mechanics” and “Macroscopic Quantum Biology”. Subtle Fields are carrying Life and Consciousness, for the first time their existence in humans has been proven by weighing experiments.

Besides such „objective“ applications and explanations of Energies and Effects of Subtle Fields the „New Subtle World View of all Life“ offers multiple individual as well as collective possibilities of use as a qualified base of harmonic and creative co-existence of mankind.

In my new Website I will be informing regularly about the results of my ongoing research into the World of Subtle Matter.

Yours, Dr. Klaus Volkamer