Spectacular Weighing Experiments

Translation of a excerpt of the following interview with Dr. Klaus Volkamer by Werner Huemer .
Title of the Youtube video: “Das Gewicht der Seele und die Erforschung der Feinstofflichkeit | Dr. Klaus Volkamer im Gespräch“

In a way, I feel like part of the movie comedy “The Men Who Stare at Goats” but I make an effort to concentrate. I am standing in front of a glass-paneled cabinet hanging on the wall in a basement room converted into an experimental laboratory. My gaze and my thoughts are focused on a small blue tube hanging from a high-precision weighing scale. Following Dr. Volkamer’s instructions, I point my fingers towards the tube. Meanwhile, he keeps observing the tube’s weight whose value is being continuously recorded by a computer. If his theory is correct and my thoughts are powerful enough, the weight of the tube should fluctuate during the time of my focusing. mehr …