Translation of a excerpt of the following interview

Spectacular Weighing Experiments

Translation of a excerpt of the following interview with Dr. Klaus Volkamer by Werner Huemer .

Title of the Youtube video: “Das Gewicht der Seele und die Erforschung der Feinstofflichkeit | Dr. Klaus Volkamer im Gespräch“

In a way, I feel like part of the movie comedy “The Men Who Stare at Goats” but I make an effort to concentrate. I am standing in front of a glass-paneled cabinet hanging on the wall in a basement room converted into an experimental laboratory. My gaze and my thoughts are focused on a small blue tube hanging from a high-precision weighing scale. Following Dr. Volkamer’s instructions, I point my fingers towards the tube. Meanwhile, he keeps observing the tube’s weight whose value is being continuously recorded by a computer. If his theory is correct and my thoughts are powerful enough, the weight of the tube should fluctuate during the time of my focusing.

We are observing the plotter indicating the progress of the weighing experiment. I am surprised, since I had not really expected any visible effect from this rather bizarre situation. For the seconds of my concentrated, object oriented, thinking it clearly shows two peaks. The first one indicates the start of my conscious intellectual aiming, the second one follows at the moment where Dr. Volkamer tells me to point my finger towards the detector. He is pleased by the meaningful result which does not always come in so clearly from all test persons. One more time, his theory has been verified. Subject of the interview below will be this very theory.

HUEMER: Dr. Volkamer, you are a physicist and a chemist and have authored a book bearing the title „Subtle Matter as an Extension of Our View of the World“. What does subtle matter mean to you as a scientist?

VOLKAMER: I have started in this field over 30 years ago. Subtle Matter is an alternative form of matter and energy and it is invisible. Only ordinary matter can be grasped with our senses, it consists, simply speaking, of small dots or spheres, also called elementary particles that build up our body. Subtle matter, on the other hand, builds up pulsating fields, similar to magnetic fields (which are familiar to all of us). Magnetic fields, though, are electromagnetic whereas subtle fields are not. These large, non-electromagnetic fields do have real macroscopic mass and can, therefore, be weighed. That is what I understand by Subtle Matter”.

HUEMER: Talking about these fields – how would you describe the manner how we humans relate to them?

VOLKAMER: The illustration on the front cover of my book shows a “gross” human body surrounded by a large non-electromagnetic, bio-active field. This field is not magnetic, but rather a kind of Life Field that is often called “Aura”. It surrounds and permeates the body and ties it to the phenomenon of Life. It appears to be related to Consciousness. All living beings, every single cell of animals and plants has such fields. They can be termed as “living matrix”. Minerals and ordinary metals also have these fields although they are not living by standard terms. Physiology cannot interact with them but the entire gross body structure is controlled by them and interacts with them dynamically.

HUEMER: Would you go as far as stating that this subtle field is a part of the nature of human existence? That us humans are not only a physical body but are carrying a second reality around and within ourselves?

VOLKAMER:  That’s correct. The actual phenomenon of life resides within these fields. The gross body eventually perishes, it gets ill and ages and dies. However, the information which has been stored in the fields during a lifetime survives death without problems. As a rule this interdependence is unknown to the human consciousness. The true phenomenon of life, thus, does not only cover the gross body, but extends far beyond it.

We humans are multi-dimensional beings. In the waking state we live in “Plato’s Cave” i. e. within a system that can be sensed electromagnetically only. The fact that our five human senses work on the basis of electromagnetism precludes us from experiencing phenomena other than electromagnetic. They do exist but cannot be detected by sight, sound, touch, taste, or smell despite having a more profound significance than the actual body itself.

HUEMER: The concept of a physical human body surrounded and permeated by subtle energy, the idea of “Soul” is known by religions as well as by esoteric, but is hardly acknowledged at all by Natural Science until this day. How did you have the idea of working in this field? Speaking facts, where did you have the intuition that Subtle Matter might have macroscopic mass subject to gravity?

VOLKAMER: I have spent a long time exploring Vedic Science. In there, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi states the existence of a form of subtle matter that carries Consciousness and that creates the Space-Time Geometry of the Universe. This teaching was to me a first indication that there must be a bridge between this type of matter and standard physics, between Space-Time Geometry as regular physics and these Life and Consciousness carrying fields. At this point I remembered experiments by Wilhelm where he had made film rolled tubes and used them for influencing phenomena. I made my own, about 18 cm long, which I weighed daily every morning and evening. I then compared my results with a device that was folded rather than tubular, using the same materials in varying configurations. And here is the point: Subtle matter recognizes geometric shapes! It is more readily absorbed by film rolled into a cylinder than by film randomly squashed. I weighed two samples twice a day, one neatly rolled into a cylinder, the other one crumpled up. The experiment resulted in the neat cylinder changing weight in comparison with the crumpled specimen. This means that macroscopic matter had been absorbed. This is an objective approach to proving the existence of subtle matter.

HUEMER: Summing up over the years, what are the most important effects and test results found through your weighing experiments?

VOLKAMER: Scrutinizing the subject more deeply, you will encounter a large number of anomalies in today’s physics that are known scientifically and can even be theoretically described and experimentally proven. However, there has been no idea so far how they could be explained. Take, as an example, the scientific quantum paradoxes such as the famous quantum entanglement that can be mathematically calculated and experimentally proven. However, it cannot be explained by the theory of relativity how particles, like photons which are moving away from each other at the speed of light can communicate. And here is where Subtle Matter fits in with a valid answer. All classical gross elementary particles do have subtle background fields that work in a system exceeding the speed of light. This system is unknown to today’s physics. It knows neither fields on a macroscopic level that permeate living beings nor the phenomenon of subtle background fields associating with elementary particles. That is why six or eight quantum paradoxes had to be introduced, one of them being the entanglement paradox. They can be simply explained by introducing subtle background fields into classical physics as I have done in my physics extended by Subtlety. Without the knowledge of these background structures a majority of scientists have decided that any effort of trying to find an explanation of these phenomena is idle.

HUEMER: Your are firmly convinced that the subtle fields you are speaking of actually have a mass, as you could prove by your weighing experiments…

VOLKAMER:  Yes, I can, indeed, prove the existence of these fields by detecting mass differents. As an example, the mass of a human asleep shows fluctuations of up to 600 grams that cannot be explained by ordinary reasoning. Similar effects are found in minerals that don’t sleep, of course. They represent a serious problem in the physics of gravitational research when attempting to determine the Gravitational Constant with the same degree of precision as the elementary electric charge. It has been found that the precision attained in determining the value of the Gravitational Constant is 1’500 times inferior to the one for the Electron Charge or for Planck’s Constant. The reason for this inaccuracy is owed to the fact that subtle matter fields with their macroscopic mass can be a disturbance in determination of Newton’s Gravitational Constant by addressing the gross aspects of matter, only. If this part remains unknown, knowledge about the resulting gravitational effects remains unrecognized as well. During the last 20 years the g-Constant has been measured roughly 20 times, in Japan, the U.S., Germany, Austria, England, and other countries. Each one of the differing values has been determined with painstaking accuracy. Nobody knows, however, why they differ so drastically. These anomalies point to a missing link in classical physics – and this link appears to be the effect of subtle fields.

HUEMER: Let me ask you a specific question following your explanations: What are the most essential effects you have demonstrated during the past decades?

VOLKAMER: I have been measuring weight differentials. When a person is asleep, parts of his Subtle Body Field separates from the gross body. This implies that body weight changes. I can detect superimposition of these fields with minerals, too. When I move them into close proximity, their fields interact and a weight change is detected. I have also found that these fields have positive or negative polarity. Fields with negative sign have health supporting and organizing qualities whereas fields with a positive sign will render ill and have a destabilizing effect. These are perspectives leading into biology. Planet Earth has, of course, its specific field. Locations where concentration of the negative sign is high are called places of strength. It is documented from earlier times that many churches have been built in such places. On the other hand there are places of disease and disruption where the positive sign field has very high intensity. When you sleep regularly in such places, or spend eight hours per day working there, probability is high that you will contract an illness or even cancer. The fields, thus, have a direct influence on human life. Using them for new forms of consciousness, e. g. for telepathy, is another aspect. When sitting in an outdoor café you may turn around following a sudden impulse and find out someone had been observing you from behind. In such a case, subtle signals are being transmitted from the observing person to you. If that capability is cultivated one can initiate telepathic communication. You have a thought – and the field body transmits oscillations that others can receive and intercept – just as your ear intercepts air pressure oscillations originated by my spoken words.

HUEMER: You have devoted your energy to this topic for over thirty years but have not achieved  a breakthrough at the scientific level. What, in your opinion, could be the reason?

VOLKAMER: I would say, not achieved yet. I do think that eventually young progressive scientists who really care about new discoveries will take up and research this matter – for it has not been discovered by me exclusively. Professor Hans Heinrich Landolt, a physico – chemist of the former Emperor Wilhelm University, Berlin, has undertaken similar experiments 100 years ago using manually operated weigh scales. He discovered anomalies that have been verified by other researchers. Progress in this field, however, can only be made using the most advanced weighing technologies. Electronic ultra-precise weigh scales must be connected to computers having data storage capacities on the order of mega and gigabytes for graphic representation of the measured results. Even only 10 to 15 years ago, these resources were not available. I have probably been first to operate with such state-of-the-art methods along these perspectives. Meanwhile, I have presented my findings in the field of gravitational anomalies at U.C.L.A., California several times. I am confident that someone will enter into resonance with my work if I continue my efforts at a similar energy level. That’s what I endeavor, and it will become reality sooner or later.

HUEMER: Thank you kindly for this interview!

Translated from German by Paul Schläpfer

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