4.9.2 Ontogeny and Subtle Matter, i.e. Veda

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Fig. 146a shows the ontogeny of a fertilized germ cell in radial cleavage. Under the
hypothesis of macroscopic quantum mechanics („macro QM“) the sequence of
blastomers, i.e. developing cell associates after the first proliferation, follows in
external (i.e. morphic) and internal (i.e. microbiological) structure and function
exactly a special sequence of quantized atomic orbitals of the hydrogen atom in
„micro QM“, cf. Table 33, and see Fig. 146. As outlined in Table 33a, the ontogeny
of such a cell is guided by subtle processes of macro QM. In macro QM spontaneous
changes of the cell’s subtle field-body towards lower energetic UII-states occur in

the direction of Ecn -> ∞ (i.e. to the minimum of Ecn with u > c, see Fig. 147, and Fig.
115b), implying the formation of an increasing external morphic structure which
acts as a guiding subtle pilot-wave of the embryo’s gross external morphic and
internal microbiological development up to the state of an adult human being. This
is opposite to the deactivation processes in micro QM, for example in the hydrogen
atom, where En ->0, holds, i.e. reaching the minimum of En (see Tables 33, and
33a, as well as Fig. 115b). Also for other cleavage patterns than radial proliferation,
similar effects of macro QM can be expected.
Veda, human Physiology and human Embryognesis: In section 3.14 we have already
described that Nader (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Nader) has detected
a one to one identity of structure and function between human physiology and the
Veda, i.e. the subtle human field-body, see Fig. 60, 61 and 62a. This implies that
every quantum of subtle matter, see Table 4, as well as associations of such quanta
represent and comprise holistically the non-linear dynamics of the Veda, i.e. of

As sketched schematically in Fig. 148, the process of gross embryogenesis in radial
cleavage occurs in two steps: First, from the fertilized cell emerges the spherical
state of the blastula. Second, from the processes of folding back within the blastula
the three germ layers of ectoderm, endoderm, and mesoderm are emerging. These
steps follow excactly similar processes of the subtle field-body, i.e. within the
dynamics of the Veda (cf. Fig. 62a) which comprise the field-body.
„Ebner Effect“: Cereal seeds or fish eggs exposed in laboratory experiments at Ciba,
Switzerland (now Novartis), to high voltage electrostatic fields of 8,000 to 10,000
V without current, grew out to primeval organisms (see http://rexresearch.com/
ebner/ebner.htm), defining the „Ciba experiment“ or „Ebner Effect“. Ferny spore
dust thus yielded a fern that no botanist was able to identify. Primeval corn was
obtained with up to twelve ears per stalk. Treated wheat was ready to be harvested
in just four to six weeks instead of the usual seven months. A kind of giant trout
developed, extinct in Europe for 130 years, with so-called salmon hooks. It was as
if these orgasnisms acceeded their own genetic memories on command in the electric field.
A review about the research was given by Luc Bürgin in his book „The Primeval
Code“ (2010). The effect could be reproduced at universities in Germany and
Switzerland. This approach not only boosted growth and yield, but also, quite
unexpectedly, allowed primeval organisms, which had long since been thought
extinct, to flourish. Seeds trated in this way are now being grown experimentally
on testing fields around the World, rising the question whether this could be the
agriculture of the future. The treating method even allows to convert genetically
manipulated seeds back to their original genetic nature.

Modern science cannot explain the „Ebner Effect“. In NEW PHYSICS we have detected that electromagnetic effects, also electrostatic fields, are always accompanied by so far unkown non-electromagnetic fields which exhibit biological activity, see sections 4.8.2, and 4.9.1.

In addition we have seen that in sprouting seeds increased
subtle field intensities are built up, see Fig. 56. Thus, in sprouting seeds in high
voltage electrostatic fields, non-electromagnetic subtle field-field interactions in
the ontogenetic process of proliferation occur (see Fig. 145), which can start to act
back onto the expression of the genetic code of a living system, see Fig. 74 and 75.
In principle, such a subtle field-field interaction within an electrostatic field also
occures in the E-Cat process of Rossi, see section 4.7.7.
Questions to „macro QM“: We have seen that the field-bodies of living beings and
the microscopic quantum mechanical orbitals of atoms and molecules originate
both from field-quanta of subtle matter. Thus, in a similar way as atomic orbitals
yield molecular orbitals, individual field-bodies of living beings generate collective
group-fields in social systems. The quantum mechanical description of the hydrogen atom, for example, started in „micro QM“ from the use of the de Broglie relation of …

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