4.10 Cosmic Quantum Mechanics and Subtle Matter, Gravity and Inertia

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  • 4.10.1 Universal Evolution
  • 4.10.2 Subtle Field-Quantizations at the Level of astrophysical Objects
  • 4.10.3 Survey about subtle gravitational Effects at various Scales
  • 4.10.4 The Mechanism of Gravity
  • 4.10.5 Inertia and Gravity

In former sections we have seen that various levels of space-times in our Universe
UI and in the parallel Universes UII and UIII, as well as the domains of elementary
particles, atoms and molecules are dominated by effcts of subtle matter. In this
section we will see that this is also the case at cosmological and astrophysical scales,
yielding a cosmic subtle field-quantization, i.e. „cosmic QM„.
4.10.1 Universal Evolution
In the understanding of NEW PHYSICS, what a human observer may call „Reality“
emerges from the cosmic Unity of the self-conscious, >12-dimensional unified
Hyperspace U0, from which the 12-dimensional subtle subsystem of the parallel
Universe UII (i.e. 12-DUII) emerges which comprises an infinite number and hierarchy
of selfsimilar individual subtle entities as fractal substructures of U0, i.e. subtle
quanta, see Fig. 114 and 120. At both U0/UII-levels any existence is based on subtle

matter, and no „gross matter“ exists. Any kind of existence in the gross Universes
UI (our visible Universe) and UIII, which are 4-diemsional subsystems of UII (i,e, 4-
DUI, and 4-DUIII, emerge from subtle structures (cf. Tables 35d through 35o) within
universal ethers, respectively, including the category of 4-dimensional gross
components (i.e. „matter“, which can be seen as micro white holes, cf. Table 4a) of
the at least 8-dimensional (UII-subtle)/(UI-gross)-entities which define elementary
particles in UI and antiparticles in UIII. Thus, also within UI and UIII the final physical
basis is completely composed out of conscious structures of subtle matter. The
fact that in the common human waking state of UI all five senses work
electromagnetically (while the subtle components of the senses act simultaneously
but subconsciously, see section 3.3) misleads to the common human understanding
that all visible universal objects appear as dead bodies, and that only human
existence is associated to intelligent life. In this view of Reality, as it is proclaimed
by modern mainstream science, no self-conscious, intelligent living entities such
as in the parallel Universe UII or of the cosmic intelligence of the Hyperspace U0
exist, which could be activated by mental processes (i.e. by proper meditation) in
individual and collective human life.

Thus, the process of universal evolution can be sketched in the following way, taking
also into account, a reversibility of generation and dissolution processes at a
cosmological scale:
(>12-dimensional)-U0 => (12-dimensional)-UII => (4-dimensional)-UI and UIII, resp.,
and Resolution:
(>12-dimensional)-U0 <= (12-dimensional)-UII <= (4-dimensional)-UI and UIII, resp.
An approach to this understanding delivers in modern science „Loop quantum
cosmology“, see, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loop_quantum_cosmology or http:/
/en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyclic_model or …/wiki/Big_Bounce.
The cyclic formation of universes, as phenomenologically and hpothetically
elaborated above, fits to a general „principle of multidmensional activity“ which
pops up in a selfsimilar way at various scales in:

  • Sets of Universes emerge from Hyperspace U0 from which they can again be
    annihilated, see above.
  • Subtle quanta of Planck mass, mP, oscillate, according to Heisenberg’s uncertainty
    relation, between the parallel universe UII and its physical basis, i.e. Hyperspace
    U0, see ZIII and ZIV in Fig. 120, Table 13a,b, and section 4.4.
  • Gross particles pulsate in zitterbewegung in the (UII-subtle)/(UI-gross)-model of
    fundamental particles between the parallel Universe UII and our visible Universe
    UI, see ZI/ZII in Fig. 120, as well as Tables 13a, while their subtle core-structures
    oscillate between UII and Hyperspace U0, see ZIII and ZIV in Fig. 120, and Table
  • 13a, yielding their classical particle- and QM-wave-properties, as well as their
  • relativistic and homoepathic characteristics.
  • In all UI-gross electromagnetic or nuclear processes, correlated UII-subtle processes
    are involved, which lead in UI-gross de-excitation reactions to the emission of
    electrosmog, i.e. non-electromagnetic subtle UII-radiation with a positive sign, and
    healt-destroying properties, see section 4.8.2.
  • Atomic and molecular orbitals are 8-dimensional entities, where the stochastical
    displacements of the gross component in our visible Universe UI, for example a
    gross electron, is deterministically guided by a UII-subtle-component, i.e. an atomic
    or molecular field-body, usually termed orbital, acting as a UII-pilot-wave for the
    UI-component, see section 4.7.1.
  • Living beings, including men, switch in life and death commonly back and forth
    between their existences in our gross visible Universe UI, and the subtle parallel
    Universe UII, where the subtle field-bodies continue to exist until rebirth, see Fig.
  • Visual perception of men and living beings act (however, in the case of a human
    being in the waking state, completely unaware) multidimensionally, and
    simultaneously at the gross level of electromagnetic photons in our visible Universe
    UI, and at the sublte level of non-electromagnetic radiation in the parallel
    Universe UII. Thus, human beings exist, perceive and act during their life in our
    Universe UI also in the parallel Universe UII, but in the waking state a person is
    unaware of this UI/UII-situation, and realizes only the gross UI-components of him
    or her and in the surroundings.

In section 4.2 we have seen that our visible Universe UI is a black hole. This can
also be assumed for the two parallel Universes UII and UIII, as well as the Hyperspace
U0. Thus, from a point of view from Hyperspace U0, the Universes UII, UI and
UIII are subspaces within U0, and NEW PHYSICS is a physics of higher dimensional
black holes, and black hole substructures, down to elementary particles. Even the
field-bodies of human beings and all other living beings can be regarded as
selfsimilar fractal black hole entities of U0. And, seen from Hyperspace U0, all
described cosmic, macroscopic, microscopic or submicroscopic black holes
represent and express properties of the Hyperspace U0.
Formation of Galaxies: Also in the formation of galaxies an interplay between UII subtle
and UI-gross processes took place. According to the „Standard Cosmological …

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